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Wynton Marsalis Jazz for Young People

Wynton Marsalis Jazz for Young People

Sponsored by the FORD MOTOR COMPANY FUND for over 10 years now, Music Hall’s legendary Jazz Education program services the student from the beginnings of musical studies through to the stage.  Music Hall’s Wynton Marsalis Jazz for Young People Program is taught as part of the Detroit Public Schools curriculum.  We provide the school- teachers with the platform and all necessary materials on the history of jazz, instruments, artists (past and present) and musical styles for distribution in the classroom. Our program then continues to educate by providing onsite lecture and demonstrations by local and internationally acclaimed musicians. 

Furthermore, students who are nominated by their music instructors can qualify for master Jazz Clinics in the Hall, sitting down with the likes of Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea and George Duke. Perhaps most importantly and uniquely, Music Hall provides performance opportunities for our most elite students in the Jazz Café during the season


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