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Dance Outreach and Free Student Performances

Dance Outreach

Music Hall presents 5 international ballet companies annually. Each of these ballet companies performs outreach and residency activities. In general, ballet companies will send 6 – 8 performers during the week prior to the performance. This “task force” is designed to visit Detroit Public Schools and perform a lectured demonstration that promotes dialogue, diversity and special insight into how a dance company creates and performs. Students have the opportunity to interact with performers around the world as much as performers around the world have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Detroit public. Through our dance outreach program, Music Hall teaches young people the purpose and application of modern dance. In partnership with Detroit Public Schools, we sponsor dance lecture and demonstrations, as well as performances that are attended by over 15,000 students each year. To learn more about Dance Outreach or the Music Hall please contact Karen McBride, Director of Events, at (313) 887-8520, or e-mail Karen at


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