Educational Programs

Theatre for Young People

Music Hall produces a Family Theatre Series that brings to life some of the most important story books of our time. By extracting and animating the crucial life lessons contained in the pages our community's children learn through a broader experience. Some of these stage productions for 2016-2017 include:

  • A Very Electric Christmas
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Brown Bear & Other Treasured Stories by Eric Carle

 Theatre for Young People Program

In the weeks before a scheduled stage show, the teachers read the story in class using study guides.  The Dramatic Play Center is furnished with the props necessary for the children to use at play.  The children learn important social skills by attending the live stage show; and, after the stage show the children continue to use the dramatic play center materials.  In addition, the teachers are trained at the beginning of the year in the general theater time education process; and, as each children’s show approaches, new material related to the children’s show will be provided.  The family will be involved by being invited to attend the class sessions and to bring their children to the stage show.  Also, the Theater Time educator will prepare lesson plans for a series of theater workshops based on the semester’s stage show (i.e. The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and he/ she and the teacher will conduct exciting workshops on learning to perform the different roles in the children’s story/show and other aspects of the story.  In addition, the parents will be given information to reinforce the material at home.


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