Our Commitment to Education

Our year-round music education team is led by none other than Scott Gwinnell - an award-winning orchestra leader, composer, pianist, and university professor. Music courses include the audition-based Jazz Vocal Education and broad-based jazz appreciation program created by Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Wynton Marsalis and entitled ‘Jazz for Young People’. For the 1200 DPS students involved each year, this program may be the only music curriculum they have ever participated in. We also offer ‘Theatre for Young People’ – a classroom introduction to live theatre via classic children’s stories for pre-K and K-5 students, followed by busing to Music Hall for the live performance corresponding to the studied book. Our team of educators led by Jason Smith has earned the rare privilege of daily in-classroom (not after-school) access to Detroit Public Schools, serving 600 elementary and middle schoolers in 14 schools on a Monday – Friday basis year-round (list shown on our website). The GM World Dance Education Outreach lecture demonstrations connect budding DPS dancers with the visiting professionals we present, and our High School Assembly Programs tour to 20 city and suburban high schools, reaching 300-800 students at each, with presentations that use the performing arts to draw out a social or cultural topic from our current theatrical production, followed by student group attendance of that production at Music Hall. All of of our education work is fully documented with demographic data each year and tracked for trends and analysis. Last but not least, the Discovery Series nurtures emerging artists with mentoring & performance opportunities in our Jazz Café all year-round, bringing our total education impact to over 22,000 students per year.

Music Hall is committed to educating youth on the experiences and the rewards found in the performing arts world. We believe that exposure to the arts can have a positive impact with respect to both academic and personal success and is an important supplement to the work of our local schools.

Through several innovative and effective programs, Music Hall teaches thousands of Detroit children about music, dance, and theatre, offering students the opportunity to learn from, and share the stage with, some of the most respected performers in the artistic world. Additionally, each season Music Hall offers low cost tickets and/or free admission for thousands of students to experience and grow from exposure to live performances.

As we look towards our new future, Music Hall's commitment to educational outreach will continue to be a top priority. We will strengthen and expand our programs, with a primary mission to reach out to the children of our community and instill in them a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.

Music Hall Educational Programs

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