Greetings from the desk of Vince Paul

President and Artistic Director

Happy New Year from all of us at Music Hall! Our family just keeps getting bigger and we are so happy that you are part of it.

It's a toasty month here in so many ways, particularly in the Jazz Café. Have you checked out the Sunday evening jam sessions, maybe even brought your own talents into the mix? It's an open invitation to learn, teach, or just soak up the vibe, and we love the 'all in' eclectic mix of talents, ages, and instruments.

The Café  is also the scene for MundoMeTAL on the 5th - combining classical, world, and free jazz influences into an improvisational framework (are we feeling the word 'eclectic' again?). On the 19th, a 'SOUL + CHILL' session will complete the post-holiday recovery with some soul and R&B, rounded out with a little creative painting opportunity and some classic movie scenes, just an all-around soulful chill. Family time on the 28th for PuppetART's 'Oh, Ananse!', a beautiful story about the telling of stories.

The exquisite dancers of Moscow Festival will put their 'Swan Lake' on the Main Stage on the 13th. Tickets are disappearing quickly, because haunting tales of eternal love just have a way of enchanting us. Almost a thousand people have already joined me to say 'Not to be missed.' Box office 313-887-8501.

There’s more to browse here and on our Jazz Café site. Our social channels always have the latest and greatest: ….on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Detroit Music Weekend official website!.

As always, "I'll see you downtown"


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